Marshside Fishery

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Fishery Records List

Fishery Records List

This page will be updated as records are broken and verified


Species                   Weight                   Caught By               Venue 

Bream                     4lb 2oz                  Ron Tupp                   Homersham Feb        2017

Carp Common        17lb 14oz              Craig Charles             Homersham April       2017

Carp Mirror             26lb 0oz                Charlie Gillibrand        Scroggins                  2017

Carp Koi

Carp Crucian         1lb 0oz                   Bob Lake                    Scroggins April          2017

Carp Ghost            17lb 0oz                 Simon Phillpot            Scroggins April          2016

Chub                      4lb 3oz                   L Potkins                    Scroggins                  2016


Perch                     3lb 10oz                 Steve Pearson           Scroggins                  2015

Roach                    1lb 1oz                   L Potkins                    Homersham  April     2017

Rudd                      10ozs                     Bob Lake                   Scroggins     April      2017

Tench                     7lb 7oz                  Gary Richardson        Homersham April      2017









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