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Marshside Fishery

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7 Comments on Marshside Fishery

m.h.cullen said : Report one year ago

great lake , love it there . my brother got me back into lake fishing ,after a long break , absolutely love it there , thanks Marshside

Steve Gray said : Report one year ago

First year fishing at these lakes with my son. It has been fantastic!! great fishing, great location, fantastic bailiff's and you catch quality fish LOVE IT.

Chris Dyas said : Report 2 years ago

Hey I have a couple of decent photos of a 20lb+ mirror and 18lb common and one of the bailiffs said to send on website but I can't find an email address? When I get it is will send them.. thank you! Been fishing lake homersham past couple of years.. great bailiffs, and great lake

Stuart Cullen said : Report 2 years ago

Brilliant fishery well managed and maintained. Great baliffs who are always willing to offer friendly advise

redders said : Report 2 years ago

\\brilliant job Bob well done

Heath said : Report 2 years ago

Great Website Bob :)

Bob Lake said : Report 2 years ago

We have finally got round to creating the new website. Feel free to posts your comments.

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