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Marshside Fishery 2018 – 2019 Calendar

We endeavour to keep the match list up to date but this is not always possible especially when we have last minute bookings. Please ‘phone 07913 536295 to confirm availability if you want to be sure of fishing a specific lake or swim.

Season 2018
28th January 2018Scroggins
Lake Closed
Blean Angling
Sunday 11th February 2018Homersham LakePrincess Of Wales
Sunday 18th March 2018Scroggins LakePrincess Of Wales
Tuesday 10th April 2018Scroggins LakeEddies Little Anglers
Junior Day
Saturday 14th April 2018Scroggins 10 Pegs
Lake open
Sunday 29th April 2018Scroggins 13 PegsMisfits
Tuesday 15th May 2018Scroggins Lake 14 PegsKent Police
Sunday 20th May 2018ScrogginsPrincess Of Wales
Tuesday 22nd May 2018HomershamOld Codgers
Wednesday 6th June 2018Scroggins Lake 10 PegsWantsum AA Evening Match 17.30 till 20.30
Wednesday 13th JuneHomersham Lake 10 PegsWantsum AA Evening Match 17.30 till 20.30
Saturday 24th June 2018Homersham 12 PegsTwaps
Sunday 22nd July 2018Homersham 15 PegsWantsum AA
Fish 9am till 2pm
Sunday 29th July 2018Homersham Lake
Ashford Angling
Sunday 12th August 2018Scroggins LakePrincess Of Wales
Saturday August 18th 2018Scroggins Lake
Facebook Angling
Saturday 25th AugustScrogginsAsthma UK
Sunday 26th AugustScroggins Closed Blean Angling
Sunday 2nd September 2018Scroggins Lake 15 PegsWantsum AA
Fish 9am till 2pm
Saturday 29th September 2018Scroggins 10 Pegs
Lake Open
Sunday 30th September 2018Homersham 13 pegsMisfits
Sunday 7th October 2018HomershamPrincess Of Wales
Sunday 4th November 2018Homersham LakeWantsum AA
Fish 9am till 2pm
Sunday 18th November 2018HomershamPrincess Of Wales
Sunday 27th January 2019Scroggins Lake 15 pegsWantsum AA
Fish 9am till 2pm

We are happy to accommodate matches for clubs, societies or groups of friends as well as arrange corporate events and tutorials. You can book all the swims on either lake for a whole day for your exclusive use at a very favourable rate. Alternatively, smaller matches will be eligible for a discount on ticket costs. We make a dispensation for the use of keep nets during match fishing… or those wishing to give fishing a try before buying their own tackle we are able to hire them the necessary equipment.

We also have a resident fully qualified angling coach to teach groups and individuals.

Corporate fishing days are available. These can provide a fun day out for employees, act as team building exercises or just an escape from work for the day into the countryside. We can provide all the required equipment for the day, arrange tuition where necessary as well as provide a complete catering service to suit your needs. As well as providing an extremely cost effective alternative to many other activities on offer, Corporate Days are of course tax deductible as part of staff training.

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